ATX-Juggernaut 1LB Advanced Exploding Target



1250 points
25 points

ATX-Juggernaut targets are 1 pound ground shakers. 

They are louder and more powerful than a 4lb high velocity style target. 

ATX-Juggernauts can be shot with a .22 or larger firearm.  

Our targets are made in the USA with only high quality, pyrotechnic grade materials. You won’t find dangerous substandard, surplus chemicals or fertilizers here! Quality materials are essential to ensuring that the targets work consistently and safely.

Targets come in kit form with very simple step by step instructions. Follow all included warnings and instructions carefully. 

Warning: Misuse of this product can lead to fire, property damage, legal charges, serious injury or death. By using this product you accept full responsibility for the results of it’s use. 


1. Carefuly read included instructions before using.

2. Keep away from children!

3. Be at least 300ft away from the targets when you shoot them.

4. Always wear eye and ear protection.

5. These can start fires! Keep away from anything flammable including dry vegitation.

6. Do NOT store or transport mixed targets.

7. Anything the targets are in, on or near when they detonate can become high velocity projectiles that cause property damage, injury or death.

8. Mix ingredients thoroughly. Otherwise the targets may not detonate.