Advanced Targets

The Advanced Formula Kick-Ass Exploding Targets ™ are the best on the market today!

Our advanced exploding target kits are smaller, lighter and FOUR TIMES more powerful by weight than the older generation targets. While the old-style targets need a high velocity rifle round to detonate them, our advanced targets can be detonated with a .22 or larger round.

Kick Ass Exploding Targets™  products are made in the USA with only high quality, pyrotechnic grade materials. You won’t find dangerous substandard, surplus chemicals or fertilizers here! Quality materials are essential to ensuring that the targets work consistently and safely.

For the April buy 3 get one free special , click here .   Great for learning and plinking! ATX-1 targets are a fun way to get feedback...


The ATX-3 is three times more powerful than the ATX-1 and louder than an original-style 1/2 lb. target ! These can be shot with a .22 or larger firearm....


Our best-selling target! The ATX-5 is five times more powerful than the ATX-1 and louder than an original-style 1 lb. target ! Can be shot with a...


This is a three pack of our very popular ATX-5 Targets. The ATX-5 is five times more powerful than the ATX-1 and louder than an original-style 1 lb....


ATX-Magnum targets are ½ pound brutes that   are considerably louder than the older style 2 lb. high velocity targets! Can be shot with...


ATX-Juggernaut targets are 1 pound ground shakers.  They are louder and more powerful than a 4lb high velocity style target. ...


The ATX-Titan is by FAR Our loudest target! ATX-Titan targets are 2 pounds of shock and awe! They are by far our most powerful offering. They are...



What a great way to teach target shooting! Great product!

I had no idea what I was getting ! I didn't expect very much out of that little orange thing. I was absolutely amazed ! And where I live it echoes across these Ozark hills over and over ! It just got better and better with each step larger. I cant stop laughing. Thank you for all this fun. Mac

Awesome product!!! I've tried many similar targets and you guys are the best! More bang for the buck and being able to use a .22 is a plus!

shot an exploding target for the first time today, the ATX-5, f'ing awesome. im gettin more of these and the juggernaut and titan

The Juggernaut was amazing. Shot it with my Barrett .338 Lapua from 400 yards and still felt the explosion. Very excited to try the new Titan!

The juggernaut explosion was amazing!!!!

Recommended this product to a friend and we both find them to be a great fun . Kenneth

Worth every penny! These targets are alot of fun! Great product.

Thank you it kicked ass.

I shot one of the ATX-1 for the first time, I thought it was going to be a wimpy explosion like I have experienced with other products, but this was different, much different. Thanks for such a great product guys!!!